September 4, 2012

Photo Diary: Xi'an, China

Yes this kiddo is not wearing pants, hehe.

My trip to Xian, China turned into a five day carb overload (think white rice and noodles) and a huge hang out session with my brother (miss you!), who has developed an undesirable habit of taking very close up photos of my face (yay for oversized plastic wear we call sunglasses). Here are some pictures of some of the historic sites we visited, mainly Hua Shan and the city wall that used to surround Xian. I have pictures on my SLR of the Terracotta warriors, but of course I left that in Hong Kong.

Currently: jet lagged. Sitting in my apartment on campus at 6:15AM trying to watch White Collar. I need to figure out the outfit post situation here but I will update soon! I hope everyone's having a great start to the school year! 


  1. Ah it looks like you had a lovely time. I have always wanted to visit China.

  2. amazing pictures ! stunning place!


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