September 14, 2012

Back to America

Roommate's T by Alexander Wang sweater | Initial skirt (worn here) | ZARA belt | Initial vest | Dolce Vita Boots (similar here) | Karen walker sunglasses

After enduring 20+ hours of travel two weeks ago (it really wasn't that bad), I'm finally back at school! It's been pretty hectic trying to figure out classes and moving in, but I'm all settled in now. I'm not one to wear a certain style for the "First day of school", but I guess this skirt (which I actually wore in my last outfit post, woops) is super school girl with all that plaid. Another greeeaaat thing about being back at school is: my roommate and I can share clothes and shoes!!!!! (haha it kind of sounds like I'm more grateful for her stuff than for her, luh you boo). I'm wearing her AWANG sweater and it is THE best thing ever, you'll be seeing it ALL THE TIME. 

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Photos by my roommate!


  1. Finally, I was waiting for a new post. Loving the color, all the different textures and you're face <3



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