August 26, 2012


 Sunrise on my way home from the airport
 Reunited with my loves.
 Playing with colours at summer internship numero uno.
 People promoting the Sedan Race (I think).
 Coworkers took me to lunch at ABC.
 Urban s'mores, nearly burnt ma fingers.
 View from internship #2.
 Rear view in Cambodia.
 Birthday cake thanks to Tiffy and Jules :)
 Da crew~
Them boys in Xi'an (THE terracotta warriors!)

The end of August marks the end of my summer, and my return to school in the US (which I'm actually really excited for!). Like the whole world, I love instagram. Aside from the likes and followers, instagram has really served as a summer photo diary for me. As I was waiting to board my plane back from Xi'an, I scrolled through my profile and was reminded of all my summer 'adventures'; from entertaining myself at work, to enjoying all the food HK has to offer, and one of the biggest things: starting this blog! (Big thanks to everyone who's been following a long :)) I hope you liked this little glimpse into my summer in Asia!

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