August 1, 2012

PJ Sunday

H&M top, ZARA shorts and sandals, Initial vest, vintage Coach bag, Karen Walker sunglasses

Quick post from the weekend: PJ Party on ma bodddddyyyyyy. After a week of typhoon weather (I hope everyone was safe!) the sun decided to grace us with it's almighty presence this past weekend. Got these ZARA shorts on sale (so glad I waited, got 50% of these bad boys, I almost bought them full price in April), and the T from the men's section at H&M when I was in London. I've seen a few bloggers sport full head-to-toe pyjama parties but I think these pair of silkish shorts and this super chill (and soft) top would be suitable for any slumbaaaah party.. not like I still do that sort of thing.. haha YEAH YOU BET I DO. Kind of bummed that I didn't bring my camera out with us, because we ended up at a really nice country club, but I did manage to get some pictures with my iPhone, check them out on instagram (@bernitaling).


  1. Hey Bernita! Thanks for reading my blog! Yep the black Monki dress is available right now! I just got it last week!

  2. hope everything is okay with the weather. love this simple and chic look!


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