August 14, 2012

Photo Diary: Cambodia

Is it weird that I might possibly have had the best pizza ever in Cambodia? It was just the right temperature, and enough of everything else ahhhhhhhh. From these photos I guess you can deduce that I spent most of my trip eating what Cambodia has to offer (whether it was Western, Chinese, Vietnamese or local), and visiting a few historic sights (the Palace and a Genocide Museum (no pictures shown)). Didn't get as many pictures as I liked, but it was nice to leave the camera behind and really soak things in for a change. I also didn't get to go to Angkor Wat for various reasons, but I enjoyed as little/much of Phnom Penh that I saw.

*I've had a few people tell me they couldn't comment because they don't have google accounts - I've changed it so that anyone can comment, would love to hear from ya'lllll!

**Also, it's weird that they have so much Chinese soda in Phnom Penh (actually, there's a pretty big Chinese presence in Phnom Penh, so I guess not) - thinking out loud... EDIT: my friend just told me they're from Singapore!

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  1. Looks like you got some awesome pics! I'm your newest follower!


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