August 31, 2012

Just Like That

ZARA top | Initial skirt | ZARA heels | Karen Walker sunglasses

Can't seem to take these plastic babies off my face this summer, I love the shape and tortoise frames. I know these frames are pretty popular, but whatever, we'll just have to make them our own. Almost done packing (this is a lie) - I also just hurt myself trying to zip up a suitcase wooo, progress. As for this outfit, I think it's clear I'm ready for fall (Boston winter, please let fall stay a little longer before you grace us with your undesired presence).

Photos by my brother!

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1 comment:

  1. I miss you I miss you I miss you, seeing that cutiepatootie face of yours just makes me wanna mail myself to ya so I can give you a huuuuumongo hug <3 love ya bbb


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