August 17, 2012

I Don't Know

White blouse from Korea, ZARA boyf jeans, ZARA shoes, Karen Walker sunglasses

My kind of outfit when I don't know what to wear - clothes I can move in, and appropriate for all occasions so long as you switch out the shoes. Love these babies, 1/10 the price of a pair of AWang's that add some immediate sophistication. I've been wearing my hair up for the past month, mostly due to overheating and a much needed haircut (which I got today, goodbye to 3 inches of hair). Hope everyone had a good week!


  1. Those Zara shoes are circling around the blogosphere! I have them too. They're super comfortable and I can already tell that I'm gonna need another pair. They're a staple!


  2. Oh wow! You are soooo beautiful, pretty lady!! Chic! :)

  3. "classy & sophisticated" ;) miss you bb


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