August 10, 2012

Double Stripes

Forever21 striped collared top, American Apparel crop top, H&M skirt, Initial wedges, vintage Coach bag, Karen Walker sunglasses, vintage Rolex

Wore this outfit, well a more urban/heat friendly version, to lunch with my friends at Mana! in Soho the other day. I planned on taking some outfit pictures in Soho, but of course, I got sauce on my skirt, I actually would have still taken the photos if it wasn't so bloody hot. I was soaked, twas a sauna in HK - still is. I added the collared shirt underneath.. because I wanted to mess with everyone's eyes (makes me dizzy just looking at the top half of my body) and slipped shoved my feet into these giant cloggs. At 5''8.5 (maybe 5''9), I hardly wear heels (I'd tower over everyone in HK and to be quite honest, I can't handle the pain - baby, I know!), but I couldn't pass up how much longer these babies make my legs look ;). 
My lemonade and "Summer" flat bread (I was really hungry and ate the whole thing before I had a chance to take a decent photo, but here's one on my instagram) - the lemonade had hints of spice at the end which I wasn't fond of, but I liked how it wasn't overloaded with sugar. Loved my flatbread. More info on Mana! here - a bit pricey, but understandable (read their mission statement).

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  1. omg I love your blog and this outfit! so cute

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