July 27, 2012

What's Been Lingering: Black (Ankle) Boots

On a Hunt: Black (Ankle) Boots

Here's my first What's Been Lingering (WBL) post, I mean we've gotta use this "lingerer" name to it's fullest ;). I've been on the hunt for black ankle boots for so long, and these are currently the top five (or similar). I've definitely started to become more conscious about what I spend my money on, especially now that the parentals don't pay for everything, which I'm grateful for. I don't think (I say this now) I'm going to buy any of these, they're either too tall, too expensive, not tall enough or.. not exactly what I'm looking for. Ahhh haha that was redundant.

Clockwise from the top left:
1.  DICO COPENHAGEN chelsea boots
3. Dr. Martens flat heels
4. Madewell leather ankle boots
5. Jeffrey Campbell high heel booties

Check out Polyvore! I've seen these collages on lots of blogs but I never realized how easy and kinda fun they are to make! They also give you a sense of satisfaction, like you actually OWN everything.. ahhh it's been a long week.

What's Been Lingering on your mind?


  1. I still love the Acne pistol boot from winter.. it has the right amount of chunk and decorative tassel to it without being too much.


    1. So do I! But I didn't even consider them because they're not within my budget - but I just came across this link: http://intheircloset.com/acne-pistol-short-boots, combing through some similar alternatives now :)

  2. o0o0 splendid photos! i love forever21! its really a hit or miss there though, sometimes you can find things that look super expensive and classy but other times there isn't much! but for the most part its a great go to for fun pieces! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls


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