July 28, 2012


Bobby from Boston vintage bowling shirt, Forever21 maxi skirt (not current), Kate Spade shoulder bag (same style but different colour here), ZARA sandals, Karen Walker Sunglasses

Buffet-style lunch at Mijas in Stanley (I haven't been here in so long, they've renovated the whole promenade) - check out my brother's instagram to see what we ate! Fun fact: the building pictured above was moved piece by piece from Central to Stanley!

I can count on one hand the number of items I've purchased from Forever21 since it's opening here in Hong Kong (to be precise: 2). I like that Forever21 has a very wide range of clothing styles and seems to always be on 'trend' - whatever that means - but I've learned that if I hold off, I can always find a better quality alternative elsewhere. HOWEVER, there are anomalies - like this skirt for instance! I've worn it a handful of times (woo so many references to my hands in this post ..ha ha) and it hasn't worn down at all. Despite being black, the slight transparency makes this extremely comfortable and breezayyyyy. I got both the bag and sandals on sale (yay for big feet!). For anyone living in HK who's been wanting Karen Walker sunglasses, they're available at Liger (I only found out because I stalk follow a lot of HK bloggers on instagram) - you could always order them online, but if you're gonna be paying $$ you should always make sure you like the way they look on you (no duhh).

Fun fact #2: Psych 101; a disorder exits where people are more depressed in the colder, darker months, it's called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). As you can see, the sun makes me happy.

And I leave you with blue blue skies:


  1. hou leng ah, such a cute top (: and I love the edit!

  2. i want your sunglasses bernitaaaa!


  3. This outfit is gorgeous! Love that skirt! Your shots of Hong Kong are lovely. I visited the city once and it is absolutely amazing.

    xoxo, Meera

  4. Nice photos!



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