July 23, 2012


ZARA T, Initial pants-like-skirt, Dolce Vita boots, vintage Coach bag, Casio watch, ZARA belt and ASOS sunglasses

This past weekend, a friend from high school and I trekked over to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park (中山纪念公园). It's literally a circular patch of grass next to the waterfront with a big statue in the middle, where very fit people like to workout and others have picnics. You're supposed to get a good view of the Victoria Harbour, but unfortunately for us, it was so so so foggy. Despite the muggy weather, the sun peaked through and Gaby managed to get these shots of me. I swear she did an amazing job, especially considering that I was talking to her the whole time and my mouth is half-open in a few of the photos. She also edited these pictures for me, and added the fancy writing! I can't wait to get photoshop and illustrator on my own computer muahahhaa. It seems I'm more excited about these pictures than the outfit itself! Anyhow, the main focus is obviiiiously these pants/pant-skirt/parts? I got them at Initial almost a year ago (I think) and I've only worn them a few times, but I definitely think i'll be wearing them more cuzzz they let my legs breathe like a skirt but I don't have to worry about flashing anybody (scoooorree!). 

I leave you with this (I hope it lingers, ha ha):

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I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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